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5 Ways You Can Propose or Pop the Question

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you want to Pop the Question to your loved one. Hard up for ideas - Well we've got you!

1. Are you proposing this coming Valentine's Day Weekend? Make a reservation at a romantic hotel and have the hotel staff spell out "Will you marry me?" in rose petals (if you need assistance make sure to contact Pink Parrott Weddings and Events to make arrangements) or you could call a local flower shop to buy petals from to do it at home. Don't forget the champagne!

2. Go on a hike. You could have an area cleared for a picnic (why not rent some nice vintage furniture and have it set up in the area - contact Pink Parrott Weddings and Events for assistance) and ask her to marry you.

3. How about something unique? Have a custom jigsaw made with "Will you marry me".

4. Have dinner at her favorite restaurant - Have the waitstaff write “Will you marry me” on the dessert plate.

5. Get your pet involved. Tie a beautiful ribbon around your pet's neck with either a message “Will you marry me” or attach the ring on the ribbon.

Make sure you hire Pink Parrott Weddings and Events, so we can help you find the perfect way to propose to your loved one and start planning your Wedding of the Century!

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